The first major U.S. aviation air meet took place January 10-20, 1910, at Dominguez Field, just 15 miles south of Los Angeles. The Dominguez family donated the property for the event, a field located on the top of a small hill on land once a part of the early Spanish land grant, Rancho San Pedro. Many famous aviators attended the event, and an estimated 226,000+ spectators converged on Dominguez Field. In 1910, there were no parachutes, no heaters, no enclosed cockpits, no seat belts, no shoulder straps, no brakes, no de-icing, no flying instruments and no radios; but there were poor performing engines, wood spars and cloth wings. Nevertheless, by the end of 1910, there were approximately 1000 men and women worldwide with pilot’s licenses and airplanes, and air meets were here to stay.


We named our club the Dominguez Hills Flying Club. We want to acknowledge the importance of the aviation industry in Southern California and provide an opportunity for students to reinvigorate the historic multi-cultural aviation industry opportunities that have been a part of our local heritage. We have assembled an impressive collaborative of professional and nonprofit entities to serve students and provide them with excellent training and encouragement to know they can succeed in the aviation industry and realize their dream of flying